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Jurgen Eheim


Hotel Regeneration

designed by Simone Micheli

The biggest and involving exhibition dedicated to the contract, during FuoriSalone 2018.

@OfficinaVentura14 | Via Ventura 14 – Milano

In partnership with
Tourism Investment, PKF hotelexperts & AboutHotel
with the patronage of Associazione Italiana Confindustria Alberghi, Federalberghi

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During the Fuorisalone 2018 the architect Simone Micheli, in collaboration with Tourism Investment, PKF hotelexperts & AboutHotel, will give life to Hotel Regeneration inside the Lambrate Design District: the biggest agorà-event so far realized for the Milanese kermesse in the contract sector. An event full of great content and expressive value that would be configured, moreover, as a substantial place of dialogue and meeting between well-known personalities related to the hospitality sector and the public, with the intention to tell and carefully investigate the practical aesthetic aspects and business progressions of a sector in continuous development.

Hotel Regeneration will be open (by invitation only) on Tuesday, April 16, 2018, presenting itself as a large exhibition space with the purpose of promoting experimentation and research, overcoming the limits of the known reality. The visitor will be able to experience fascinating installations and become an active part of very interesting and high quality debates during the Hospitality & Design Forum – a dynamic container for conferences, networking, panel discussions, presentations and exhibitions dedicated to developers, hoteliers, hotel groups, companies, architects, interior designers and real estate consultants.

Hotel Regeneration is an exhibition aimed at the interaction between the public and the space, focusing on the story about the upgrading process of the contemporary hotel structure and its future existence, enhancing the idea of experimentation by connecting intent and research, with a focus on encouraging innovation and technological advancement.

The exhibition-event, which will extend over an area of more than 4000 square meters, will present to the visitor numerous parts of hotel room personally designed by Simone Micheli to be experienced as works of art; three-dimensional spatial areas to live, created with the goal of showing the current and future trends in the hospitality sector, realized by important Italian and international industrial groups.

Each section, designed for the occasion by the architect and through the use of tailor-made products, will be dedicated to a different company with the aim of combining the customers’ desires with the real satisfaction of their needs. As soon as the observers cross the threshold, they will have access to the different areas, touching the innovations that the architect introduces in each of them.

A welcoming and warm hall receives the guest highlighting the importance of the contemporary union between spaces and functions.

The Wine & Bookshop area and the Re_Generation Bar are aimed at exalting the pleasure and the beauty, designed with the intention of reinvigorating the human senses and pushing the soul towards the content and formal perfection. The Co-working area presents the renewed concept of contemporary work and its necessary implications with the world of hospitality. Warming space hall welcomes the guest enveloping him in an iridescent atmosphere, the result of the combination of meetings and correspondences that are generated in the current hotel structure and illustrates the basics of its intrinsic flexibility.

The Revitalized Suite, the Outdoor Suite and the Living Apartment describe the current innovations of living, proposing original solutions to promote freedom of movement and expression.
The Locker Room is a lively and exciting environment, that pushes man to strip of the superfluous and to establish an intimate link with his intimacy.

The Interactive Space is the place dedicated to relationships, to being well together and to dialogue. The Offices Area, the Tourism Investment Area and the Company’s Corner are smart spaces, dedicated to business, exchange and relationship. The vivacity of the tones and the dynamism of the shapes promote the interaction and the construction of strong relationships.

And at the end, the Infopoint is the place where the visitor can receive explanations about the exhibition and be guided in fruition. The enormous dynamism of the event and its high cultural reach will contribute to make the heart of the entire Lambrate Design District thrilling and engaging people.

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