luxury italian contract style


KINTEX - Korea International Exhibition Center | Goyang-si - South Korea



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LUXURY ITALIAN CONTRACT STYLE | Simone Micheli for South Korea


“Space is built around the amalgamation of individual fragments of architecture that show the public the leitmotif of my expressiveness.“ Simone Micheli

A composite, different atmosphere, far from the conventions that determine the present, comes to life thanks to the succession of the shapes of the different objects that, shaping the space, become manifest of their own meaning and of the function for which they were conceived. The white candor that fills the entire area is interrupted by access to color, and a dynamic energy pervades the environment giving it consistency and allowing the material to be configured. The forniture, designed by the architect Simone Micheli for selected Italian companies, are carefully ideated and designed specifically to bring out the characterizing value and the excellence of Italian style. On the screen is possible to admire the images of Simone Micheli’s works, which repeating themselves again and again, generate in the spectator the sensation to live a real work of art. An ideal of purity, high definition and the aim to present the essential features define the different object’s typologies that bring to life the entire performance.

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